The 2014 Taking America’s Pulse survey is in!

Welcome to the Web site for the Taking America’s Pulse survey at Cornell University! The Taking America’s Pulse survey is a class project undertaken by students in Govt/Comm 3189: Creating and conducting a national opinion survey. Students create an original opinion poll to soliciting Americans’ attitudes on a variety of topics and complete survey interviews with the guidance of the survey professionals at the Survey Research Institute at Cornell University.

The 2014 Taking America’s Pulse survey included questions on a variety of contemporary issues, including governmental surveillance, prison sentencing, climate change, income inequality, and health care. The random-digit-dial telephone survey (landlines and cell phones) was administered between March 30th to April 2nd, 2014 to a sample of 563 adults in the contiguous United States.

The summary sheet can be viewed by clicking here and is also posted under the “Summary Sheet” tab.

We gratefully acknowledge support from the University Courses Initiative, the Survey Research Institute, and the Office of the Vice Provost for Research at Cornell University.

For more information about the TAP survey or the course Govt/Comm 3189, please contact either Peter Enns ( or Jonathon Schuldt (