7/30 to 8/2 – 2014 – Javits Center / SUNY Global Center – New York, USA

Best Paper/Poster Awards

The ALIFE 14 Best Paper Award Committee formed within the Program Committee evaluated papers and their presentations to select the winners for the Best Paper/Best Student Paper awards. The winner for the Best Poster award was selected based on conference participants’ votes. Those winners were announced in the award ceremony at the end of the conference. The certificate letters and prizes offered by Wolfram Research were given to those winners at the ceremony.

Award Ceremony Slides and Photos

(Photo credit: René Doursat)

Best Paper

60: Nathaniel Virgo, Simon McGregor and Takashi Ikegami. Self-Organising Autocatalysis

Best Student Paper

185: Andres Burgos and Daniel Polani. An informational study of the evolution of codes in different population structures

Best Poster

112: L. B. Soros and Kenneth O. Stanley. Identifying Necessary Conditions for Open-Ended Evolution through the Artificial Life World of Chromaria

Runners Up for Best Poster Award:
•19: Paul Grouchy and Gabriele M.T. D’Eleuterio. Evolving Autonomous Agent Controllers as Analytical Mathematical Models
•109: Yuki Takeichi, Kazutoshi Sasahara, Reiji Suzuki and Takaya Arita. Twitter as Social Sensor: Dynamics and Structure in Major Sporting Events
•113: Tarek Ababsa, Noureddine Djedi, Yves Duthen and Sylvain Cussat-Blanc. Splittable Metamorphic Carrier Robots

Best Paper Committee

Chair:   Luis Rocha
Co-Chair:  Takashi Ikegami
Members:  Joshua Auerbach, Lola Cañamero, Dominique Chu, Sylvain Cussat-Blanc, Stephane Doncieux, Dusan Misevic, Susan Stepney, Sebastian von Mammen


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