Nope, that’s not a typo! This section of my blog is going to take a look into the most exciting time of [my] year…the US Polo Association Intercollegiate Tournament season. Hence the abbreviation- Polo Blog- Polog…its a reach, I know.

The Polo teams’ tournament season is a busy busy time, we have matches leading up to the tournaments and then the Regional Championships [held at Cornell between UConn, Skidmore, and which ever team wins the pre-regional that year], and finally we culminate with the USPA Intercollegiate National Championships. For the last two years, we have been lucky enough to host the National Championships at our own Oxley Equestrian Center in Ithaca [taking the title in 2011, and coming within 3 in 2012]. This year, however, after both the men’s and women’s teams success in the Northeast Regional Finals, we will be traveling down to Brookshire, TX to take on the best in the country. We leave on Monday for Texas and will be there through Sunday! I will make sure I update the blog throughout that time to update my loyal following on my final run as a collegiate polo player and varsity athlete at Cornell!


As I said before, our Regional finals were a great success! Both the men’s and women’s teams won their brackets and advanced to the Northeastern Regional Championships, and went on to win the title! This is my 4th team win in as many years, and the Men have won 3 times in the last 4. On our team, my teammates Devin and Kailey joined me, and a player from UConn as the Women’s all-stars for the Northeast, and three of the Cornell men picked up the honor as well. Both our men’s ponies and women’s ponies won the best playing string (group of horses), and Pico (left) and Bebe (right) won best playing pony honors for the Men’s and Women’s side respectively. Finally our women’s alternate, Beth LeBow ’14, was awarded the women’s sportsmanship award. All of the¬†aforementioned¬†awards were voted on by the players, coaches, and officials at the tournament. We were so grateful and excited to have received all of these honors, and were able to pose with our hardware after the match! Take a look!