Ali’s Recruitment Survival Guide- Ch. 1

Hello loyal followers! I hope this pleasant day finds you doing well. As you may have realized from the title of my post, my favorite time of year is here…Not christmas, not New Years, not Slope Day (though that is a close 2nd), ITS FORMAL RECRUITMENT SEASON! I could write for days about my love for sorority recruitment, but I find that that rant is generally useless to almost everyone around me. Instead, this year, I am channeling my love of recruitment and all things sorority into segments that I call: Ali’s Recruitment Survival guide! Hopefully this will come in handy to any Potential New Members going into spring 2013 recruitment, or someone that stumbles upon this master piece in the future!

Segment 1: What is Recruitment?

I remember sitting at summer camp 6 years ago, listening to my counselors who went to school at the University of Georgia, discussing ‘Rush’. What is Rush? asked a 15 year old Ali. To be honest their answer confused me, and I remember thinking that it sounded stupid and that I’d never take part in it.


Well, the joke was on me. Here I am 6 years later, finishing up my term as chapter President, and whole heartedly devoting myself to ‘Rush’. I put rush it quotes because it is now officially called ‘Recruitment’ by the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC-all the Sororities’ governing bodies).


Recruitment is the period of time when eligible Potential New Members (PNMs) and eligible NPC Chapters on Campus conduct parties to meet, and get to know each other. Through a mutual selection process, PNMs and Houses continue to match with each other until the house has their top X-number of PNMs. The biggest portion of that definition to take notice of is the mutual selection process. It is incredibly important to understand that that is a real, true thing. You have to understand, going into recruitment, that there is a house for everybody, and to find that out, proper patience and respect need to be paid!

My biggest piece of advice for Chapter 1: Don’t go in with set expectations. Keep an open mind, try and get to know the sorority sisters that you meet at each house, and have fun!

At Cornell, recruitment is held in at the beginning of the Spring semester. Yes, that means that it is during the winter. It is held over a period of 5 days following this schedule:

Day 1- Open House (6 houses)

*you will have a turn at all 12 houses during this round*

Day 2- Open House (6 Houses)

——-Cut 3 houses—-

Day 3- House Tours (Maximum of 9 houses)

—-cut 4 houses——

Day 4- Philanthropy/Skit Round (Maximum of 5 houses)

—-Cut 2 houses—–

Day 5- Preference round (maximum of 3 houses)

—-cut 2 houses—-

Day 6- BID NIGHT!! (maximum of 1 house)


Yes, it seems like a lot of work, but trust me ladies….it is worth it!

I will be back soon with Ch 2- What to Wear!