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I had the busiest semester I’ve ever had, this past semester. This was followed by the busiest finals week I’ve ever had as well. So it should be of no surprise to anyone that I ended up looking something like this by the end of it:

Well, the amount of coffee cups in the frame is about right, anyway. Here’s what I had going on this past semester:

– 17 credits: Environmental Governance (NTRES/GOV), International Monetary Theory and Policy (ECON), Population Dynamics(DSOC), Risk Communication (COMM), Sustainable Agriculture (IARD)

– 2 large leadership roles (President of my sorority, and President of the Cornell Polo Team)

– 1 C0-Captaincy

– 1 attempt to find employment after I graduate (fingers still crossed)

– 1 strategic planning session (weeks) to figure out my life at Cornell for the rest of my time here

– Too many polo matches to count

– Too many away polo matches to keep track of

– Active involvement in one of the newest organizations on campus to promote sexual violence awareness and advocacy around Cornell

– Battling (i.e. discussing diplomatically) the need for better lighting around the sorority houses on North Campus with the Mayor of Ithaca and the Ithaca City Council members

Yes, looking at it, I sometimes surprise myself with how much I decide I need to take on. This was a particularly bad load, even I will admit that. Yet, as Steve Carrell will say in The Office “Somehow I Manage”. So when it came time for this finals week, I didn’t realize that trying to tie up all of those loose ends, on top of trying to finish up my classes and study for exams, AND finding a job, would lead to a very stressful and ill-planned study week.

Word to the Wise potential freshman- DO NOT TAKE STUDY WEEK FOR GRANTED. Use it to lightly study or at least organize yourself to buckle down during actual finals week, or else you may be as exhausted and overworked as I was by last friday. Also, try to avoid having out-of-town interviews during finals, you just don’t look good during finals week, no matter how far away you are from Cornell.

SO, whats up for me next semester? My FINAL semester at Cornell?

1. Intro Development Sociology (to finish out my general DSOC minor)

2. International Trade and Finance (I really don’t know why I keep throwing myself into Econ classes when I know I’m awful at them)

3. IARD senior Capstone course (I get to talk about Wine Tasting/Working in South Africa last winter break)

4. Communication Law

5. Ethics in Animal Science

6. I think I have to take something else, but I can’t remember off the top of my head.


There are still so many courses that I want to take, but so little time to take them in. Take advantage of the opportunities you are given while at Cornell, and don’t end up like me, whining that you couldn’t take Astronomy during senior year. PLAN!

Over and out!

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