I was strolling (read- walking VERY fast because it was freezing and I didn’t dress properly) across the ag quad today. I found my mind wandering and thinking about how many things I have to cram into the next 10 days before Thanksgiving break comes, I started to get panicky, and then decided I needed to stop worrying about it. That was an unexpected answer, right? I feel like I’ve been doing this whole college thing for a long time (…no comment), and I think what I realized today was that I FINALLY understand what college is about. Its about learning and growing. Its about taking chances, falling flat on your face a few times, and then finding a way to bounce back and get back into the swing of things. I realized today that as much as I complain about the 3 papers I have due in one day on Monday, its not going to get them done, its also not going to have much of an effect on the rest of the people in my life either. **Big secret: everyone at Cornell ALWAYS has a ton of work, don’t complain about it, just do it and then commiserate afterwards** Sorry, digression. Its not that I don’t care about my academics, I do, in fact the day I learned I had finally made Dean’s List was probably one of my proudest days….ever, and thats saying something. I realized today that I only have 6 months of college left, and that in 6 months I will be finished with finals, getting ready to start a job (fingers crossed), and start a new chapter in my life. I realized today that Cornell is almost done, that this blog will get stuck into the archives of the Cornell website and that life on the hill will continue to function without me…WHAT?  To say that freaked me out a bit, is an understatement, and frankly it made me nostalgic. Its taken me 4+ years, but I finally feel as if I’ve found my niche here, that I’ve found the people I love to spend time with, the people I admire, the work I like to do, and the places I like to be. I have finally figured out how to navigate this crazy place, utilize my time well, and make an impact in the right areas, and you’re telling me I only have 6 months left to do so? Its just crazy how the time here gets away from you.


I won’t go on a nostalgia binge quite yet, but for all of you freshman, and pre-frosh reading this blog (shout out to Megan and Amanda if you still read this thing…you totally do) ITS OKAY if you don’t figure Cornell out at first, but give it a chance. Yes, its cold. Yes, its challenging. Yes, its in the middle of nowhere. This is coming from a girl who likes her niceties…shopping, skiing, travelling, etc. This place can change you, and build you into a better person, and it can inspire you to reach for things that you never thought would be possible. If you have the same opportunity that I had, take it, and don’t take 4+ years to appreciate it.


Panorama of Arts Quad at 9 AM from 7th floor – Olin Libe