Well, October came and went…

Hello! My apologies for the approximately 0 posts  I made in the month of October. To be honest, nothing too out of the ordinary happened to me in those 31 days anyway, so I’m hoping November will be up past my normal standard.

I want to start my post off by offering my best wishes to all those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Although every student in Ithaca was disappointed that we didn’t receive anything different than our normal fall weather, we were quickly jutted back to reality upon our realization of the devastating toll that this storm had on our friends to the east. Again, best wishes and good luck to all of you as we work forward from this point.

Here’s the deal from the last 30 days:

1. Polo is off to a fabulous undefeated start of the season! I am so happy to be able to come back to saying this after last year’s impressive but difficult season. We played UMass right after fall break and showed off our usual flash, went down to University of Virginia and played a wild game in their giant outdoor arena to an impressive win (14-13) after a 3 round shoot out, saw a clean and safe game against a young University of Kentucky squad, and finished a clean sweep of the north east region with wins over UConn and Skidmore this past weekend!


2. Fall Break! I went home, nothing exciting. Orioles ALMOST made it to the actual pennant race, but sadly that dream of a dream baseball team was decimated by the Yankees.

3. I applied to my first job AND had my first phone interview for said job. I don’t like divulging details of things like this, but I can tell you that I think it went almost as well as it could have, and that I am proud of my effort, professional demeanor and ability to think critically during the Q&A. I also completely forgot to have a question for them at the end and managed to think of something right off the top of my head, so hopefully I didn’t sound like too much of an idiot. Thank you Oral Comm for giving me the ability to breathe, think, and answer.

4. We had elections for my sorority! I will remain President through January’s Formal Recruitment, but then I am home free for the rest of my year!

5. Course enroll happened, and I honestly forgot about it until about 10 AM that day. It was far less exciting than normal and I got into all of the classes I wanted in one fell swoop. I will make my next post about the classes I plan on taking, and what is going on in that regard.

6. Elections are tomorrow! WOW. I’m far too overwhelmed by all of the arguments and political jargon that is being thrown around right now. I will offer my perspective after I see the results, but for now I do believe that it is going to be an intense race. I will also be happy to get back on facebook and my social media accounts when this is all over and not see Romney and Obama ALL over the place.

7. I will give  a more substantial update ASAP, but I have a paper to research and write before Wednesday… Procrastination? I’m a pro at it.

Over and Out!