Famous Cornellian

In my enthralling Mergers and Acquisitions class, we were researching about a famous merger between Northwestern and Republic airlines, two airline companies with a relatively small market share of the industry as a whole but when it came to  flights in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area they owned about 70-80% of the market. In the middle of the conversation mentioned was a famous Cornellian professor named Alfred E. Khan who was responsible of the deregulation of the airline industry, because back when A-tracks and bell bottoms ruled the earth the airline industry was heavily regulated with a body telling companies the price to set for airline tickets.

Alfred E. Khan was the chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board and was even an advisor to Jimmy Carter. It was through Alfred’s recommendation the airline industry deregulated and why some airlines either merged, survived and thrived, or hit bankruptcy and no longer exist. Interesting thing about this is that he still lives in Ithaca, he actually lives in a retirement center here in Ithaca. Two of my professors have met him and said he was the sweetest guy they met. I have a new person I want to stalk, because I want to meet him!

The thing about most famous people connected with Cornell, they aren’t household names, but they are these people who have control in the shadows. Some of the more obscure famous Cornellians include Bill Nye the science guy, Robert Smigel known as the puppeteer behind Triumph the Insult Dog and first headwriter of Conan O Brien show, and Gary Bettman the commish of the NHL. I looked it up on wikipedia, definitely didn’t know that! I can only hope to reach the same level of success.

An Example to Attest for An Ivy-League Education

Upon first look, the question might arise, “What is this terrible piece of matted up construction?”. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure as the whole adage goes. The instrument featured above is the greatest invention I have ever created…..the Mic Stand for guitar hero, which now allows me to play two instruments at one time. This instrument is a pinnacle of achievement of my four years at Cornell, because Cornell has opened my mind to a world of possibilities, it has forced me to be creative when I feel I have nothing. In the end, I was still able to create something useful out of bits and pieces or in this case blue tape and a crutch. My experience at Cornell has proven to be much of the same. I take bits and pieces of what I have learned at Cornell in order to create this dynamic genius (me!). This invention was followed by four hours of intense play on Band Hero, I love being a senior!

STH70328STH70329maybe I should’ve been an engineer with such an inventive mind!

Nappy Poos

Naps are the greatest gift to a college student. It allows for those late nights of cramming and finishing out the last minute assignments while still being able to enjoy the rewarding pleasures of sleeping. Whether its taking a break from running around campus with a quick nap in the library or skipping class because you just don’t feel like going to class and curling up in your bed for a mid-day nap. Naps are an essential tool to maintain sanity during the hustle and bustle of Cornell.

I have a three key rating system for naps:

Just let me close my eyes: It’s one of those naps James Maas power sleep recommends; only 20-30 minutes, just enough to relax for a minute

I need a break: 45 minutes to an hour when you are pretty burned out and really need to get the tired from your eyes.

And finally,

Why is it dark outside: This is what can happen when naps go wrong, it’s happened several times before while taking a ‘I need a break’ nap where I awake to see not only did I pass out to awake to night fall, but now I have to spend the rest of the night in order to catch up on all the work I missed.

That’s why there should be an advisory warning on this post because as wonderful as naps are they can be just as lethal to your studies.

Senior Year Blues

Senior year can be an exciting time for some, but also can be a time of anxiety for a lot of others. Even for me while I am able to enjoy Cornell a little bit more than usual, the Cornell grind can wear me down. This week is an example, I have a two page paper from a professor who is a greater writer, not the best teacher (had a 30 minute monologue about why he didn’t like the portrayal of the Who during the Super Bowl). He gave me a B- on my first exam. My thirst to strive for the best is in full upset mode, because I can’t remember the last time I got a B- for an assignment I actually put somewhat effort into. On top of that, I have a quiz worth 15% of my grade and a prelim worth 25% in another class. Phew, I forgot how stressful Cornell can be when you are used to sleeping early and going out to bars all the time.

Senior year is also an introspective time where all the regrets of stuff you wish you would’ve done while in college and now trying to make up for the fact. On top of my list is going to a hockey game which I will be doing this Friday at Lynah Rink. Also going up the clocktower, one of these weeks I’m going to do it just for kicks.

Next is the relationships, I wish I didn’t immediately get into a relationship when I got into Cornell, because I don’t have that many friends. Senior year is extremely bad for relationships, because either you found the love of your life or you are single worried about just finding someone to occupy the sheets the last semester. This is around the time where you see a lot of blooming couples springing up and ‘creeping’ around in the hopes of not having their love discovered.

Last but not least is that killer question of what are you doing for the rest of your life. While I do have a job, do I want to stay in finance for the rest of my life definitely not. Hopefully other opportunities will arise, because slacks and a dress shirt 5 days a week isn’t exactly the most thrilling thought after graduation.

Senior year is a fun time to hang out with friends and share those lasting experiences that onr will talk about when you reach your 5, 10, 50 anniversary. But at the end of the day, Cornell is still a beast, and you can’t enjoy it too much without realizing you are buried in upcoming assignments.

Chili Time


After another fun night living in Collegetown watching Eastbound and Down, hearing the drunken yells of Cornellians as they head back from a night at the Palms or Dino’s, I awoken to the phone call of a friend yelling ‘Chili Time!’. Yes! The third favorite day of the semester besides Slope Day and the day someone pays for me at Trillium because I have no meal plan; The annual Chili festival. It was time to me to put on my coat and bask in the warmth of good chili. The chili festival is a good family event where restaurants and people show their best stuff at the Chili festival. The Chili festival offered everything from chili to chicken wings to apple crumb pie and most importantly wine tasting.

The chili festival operated on a ticket basis where one ticket would give you one tasting of an item including chicken, chili, or most importantly wine. Looking for the good deal I bought 11 tickets for $10 and I got to enjoy 5 rounds of chili. The rest of the tickets, however………went to a more noble cause of wine! About six cups of wine later I was feeling pretty good and started to enjoying what Ithaca has to offer. Nothing like a 2pm Saturday buzz to get you going and feeling good!

STH70326So cold, but so good.

V-Day Special


Valentine’s Day is a special occasion where couples gather and celebrate their eternal flames of love and happiness, but for the rest of us it’s a day where alot of people experience their single awareness and begin on the slippery slope of lower expectations. I would say I was part of the later who didn’t lower his standards, but was definitely willing to take new risks and put my A game forward with anyone who was willing to spend an evening.

Anyways I had a new girl in my life who was looking on facebook for a Valentine date and so being the creeper that I am I took full advantage. Needless to say I brought out the A day including candlelight dinner thanks in part of Taste of Thai and the classic chick-flick Pretty Woman, first time watching it.  Needless to say, it feels great actually spending the special day with the opposite sex rather than another weekend playing Madden, but that’s another form of enjoyment.

*Insert some seductive Maxwell quote* that makes it officially a Valentine special.

Thursday Night Debauchery

So last night was a little crazy, the BOLD group decided to have a Thursday night social at Miyaki’s with sake bombs. If you have never experienced a sake bomb, it is a staple of the Cornell party life. Its Japanese beer (Sapporo) with a shot of sake, I don’t what type of liquor sake is, but it will get you feeling pretty good with one small bottle worth. After a round of sake, we continued the “social” to the bars. First, we went to the Palm Tavern and with everyone feeling a little buzzed, wallets began to open up and drinks began to pour. Three rounds of lemon drop shots and one round of good ole’ Southern comfort, we wanted to dance so we decided to go to Dino’s. To explain the dynamics of bar life my friend well-known Cornellian barologist explained to me go to Level B/Dinos to get a dance, Palm at 1130 early to get some drinks in you, and go to Dunbars to be sketchy.

While at the bars, I was looking for a V-Day date, because clearly I’m single and V-Day is a terrible day to spend by myself and with liquid courage flowing through my veins I met someone! It was a girl I never saw before, because she is a 3rd year law school student. Needless to say, I was a little intimidated but I got the number. We’ll see if things pop off from that, but a boy can dream, a boy can dream. This V-Day weekend is going to be a headache.

Alex Tries His Hand in Acting

I received a quick message about the launch of a Cornell sitcom looking for actors. Described as Seinfeld about Cornell, I thought this was my opportunity to finally launch my acting career in case this whole Cornell degree doesn’t pan out. I had the audition and needless to say while competing against those with unnecessary things such as acting experience, and classes about acting.

My main attribute was raw emotion and talent. The audition didn’t go too well, with the director giving great tips about my reading such as, “That was good, but this time can you do it with emotion.” or “Tone down the emotion, be a little softer”. My brain only functions two ways: go home or go hard literally. I’m either spending four or five hours in the library or I’m playing Madden at the apartment for four or five hours.

I’m excited to receive the results of my audition, fingers crossed I will be able to fully show my acting range with this sitcom and eventually I can leave the world of corporate finance and live the rest of my life as a celebrity. Maybe I can get a show like for the Love of Ray J, because my love life could use the boost!

First Week of Classes Completed

The first week of the last semester is complete and I feel really accomplished, not because the amount of work I put in during the week, because I haven’t yet realized classes require work to be done. It’s all because that feeling I get when I say my last semester, it tingles my lips and I can’t help but smile. I hope this week is an indication of the senior lifestyle, 12 credits of coursework. 12 credits mean a max of two classes a day and with my reduced student involvement that means even more time to do nothing. This week was capped off with a three hour nap on Wednesday, followed by a two hour relaxation session on Thursday. All my afternoons are either occupied with my work study, sleeping, or slowly plucking away at my guitar. Hopefully, I’ll be a rock star by the end of the semester. So far, all I have is my two string version of twinkle, twinkle little star.

Diet has also been very consistent with that of a struggling Cornell student with no Big Red Bucks, no City bucks, and not going to the grocery store out of laziness (8 degrees is not the temperature for me waiting outside for the bus). My diet includes oatmeal in the morning, PB&J for lunch, and grilled cheese in the evening. You can’t make up diets such as these. Hopefully, I’ll end up losing some weight, because my goal at the end of this year is to get sexified for the full-time job so I can be out and use my Cornell alum status to its full advantage!

Last Week of my last Winter Break EVER!!!!!!!

A very dramatic title for a very dramatic moment in my life. As I start to pack up for my last semester at Cornell, I can’t help but feel mixed emotions. First, excitement about the last semester and all the bottles that will be popped for celebration. Also, big excitement that this might be the last time I wear my big North Face puff coat feeling like the Michelin man every time I go outside during winter in Ithaca. Lastly feel sadness, this marks the end of days because I have to get rid of the college lifestyle: no more naps, no more all nighters with friends where I was supposed to do work but ended up having a 3 hour conversation about nothing, and most importantly no more mornings I can sleep in just because I don’t feel like it. Nope those days are coming to a close and I have to get ready to put on the shirt/tie combo every day and look forward to casual fridays!

That’s the pretty face of Corporate America!


They tried to make me go to the gorges but I said no no no.

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