Live Blogging is Awesome

I had to try my hand at a live blog for my class, Writing for New Media. I decided to do it on a recent event with CCSADE and Phenom Step Team.

– 9:01pm The event is hosted by two MC’s, Gigi sophomore ILR student and Tommy, a football player whose major is straight pimping as he describes

-9:02pm The hosts describe this as the first event co-hosted by the two organizations, the Cornell Carribean Student Association and Phenom Step Team

-9:10pm Theme of the evening is a flash back of dancing, 70s, 80’s, 90’s and today both crews dancing to the jams of yesteryear and today

9:15pm First up 70’s which is weird, because considering that the senior and junior class were born only in 88 and 89 I don’t really know how we can relate

9:16pm Hosts directs us to the powerpoint of the 70’s. Trying to recognize some of the pictures. One’s of the disco era, Star Wars, Grease, and Godfather. Last Dance by Donna Summers, that is definitely a great song. I start to sing Donna Summer in my high pitched female voice

9:20pm Phenom step team is up first, dressed up in Black Panthers outfit: wig afro’s, black shirt, black jeans, even someone wearing black leather jacket

9:25pm William Cantine, the president of the organization starts the chant who are we, rest of group emphatically responds, “We are phenom step team!” They began to step all on rhythm very synchronized

9:30pm Finish stepping. CCSADE is up, the dance troupe is consisting of 12 girls and their outfits show alot of skin. I approve since this is mostly a college event.

9:35pm Their dancing involves alot of butt movement. Popping the booty as some would call it. Also alot of humping the ground. My Jamiacan friend has described the body movement as Soca dancing.

9:38pm The hosts arrive back on the stage for the 80’s now. Of course the host shouts out people from 89 since it was the year he was born.

9:40pm Another powerpoint this time based on the 80’s. Alot of Molly Ringwald references, Sixteen Candles, the Breakfast Club. Also picture of the Muppets and Ferris Beuhler’s Day Off, with all these classic films it seems like a great time to be a teenager. Too bad I was only two years old.

9:42pm CCSADE is up first. The reggae singer Sean Paul is on. Sean Paul is definitely made in the 90’s. I’m definitely concerned with the fact it is supposed to be the 80s theme dance, but guess not.

9:48pm Phenom is now up. They have a step with people jumping in and out of jump rope. Takes a lot of corridination which I simply lack very much

9:51pm Phenom continues its skit now with the SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLL Train line. Made famous primarily during the 70’s/80s. People within Phenom are starting a soul train line, freestyle line. I even see someone doing the classic move the cabbage patch.

9:54pm It’s time for the 90’s a familiar time we can all remember, Saved By the Bell, Fresh Prince, Family Matters with Steve Urkel. The host even did an impression of Bill Clinton during his swearing he didn’t have sexual relations. HE KNEW HE WAS HITTING IT!

10:00pm Will starts whistling a familiar theme song……. it sounds so familiar………..Oh wait it’s DOUG! I used to love that show as a kid. Doug Funny, Patty Mayonnaise, and Skeeter Valentine, those were some weird names.

10:08pm Final Act, music of today. The song selection is Chris Brown “make your booty pop” for Phenom. Dressed regularly, but have machette-like props they are throwing around while they are all synchronized. Way to end the final act!!!!

10:24 Final CCSADE act. Seems like a striptease audition. Girls taking off their clothes and stuff. This is quite an ending too, but awesome in a different kind of way.

10:29pm Applause throughout the room and now it’s time to honor the seniors for their years of dedication but the orgs must go on and dance another day!

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  1. with all these classic films it seems like a great time to be a teenager.

    Sure…if you don’t consider the fact that we had to ride dinosaurs to school and write our papers longhand. 🙂

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