New Students!

As the end of prospective students orientation comes to a close, I look at all the eager faces of prospective Cornellians. Two main thoughts run through my mind:

The first thought: Man they have no idea what they are getting themselves into. Look at all these hey, I have a 4.3 GPA, took 12 AP classes, head of the football/soccer team kids who are excited to continue their role of big fish, small pond at Cornell. Little do they know that everyone was like that in their high schools and got hit with the reality of Cornell really quick. Whether it’s seeing your first Chem prelim come back as a 64 or hearing from upperclassmen no one cares where your high school ranks in the U.S. Cornell is a humbling experience for every student.

The second thought: Man these kids are incredible, I wish I was smart like them in high school. With each new prospective student comes a new story, a new hometown affiliated with the Cornell brand. I am proud to be a soon-to-be Cornell alumni, because I want to continue the legacy of success with the university just as these kids hope to be part of the Cornell legacy.

What seems like two conflicting ideas are actually what makes Cornell great. Humbling the community-proclaimed gifted as I like to think.

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