Leadership Conference Time

Thanks to being an active participant in the BOLD program and a recipient of the Meinig Family Scholarship I have been allotted alot of opportunities to gain first-hand experience in leadership development and understanding what it takes to be a leader. This week is a little bit different however because rather than spending all the time focusing on how to instill leadership in ourselves we are more focused to how to extend leadership to the young people.

You know what that means the fresh smell of flow charts and conferences!!!! That’s right this next week I will spend this great opportunity working with the Center of Creative Leadership in their first run-through of there ‘Train-the-Trainer” program where young people mostly graduates in non-profit work are given a toolbox to help instill leadership in others and be a good facilitator in leadership development. I’ll be providing day by day updates of the events.

Random fact of the night I was in the lobby of the hotel, and I randomly saw Donald Glover, comedian, writer on 30 Rock, and actor on Community. He’s like my hero as far as comedic writing goes and I acted like a school girl around him giggling like a little school girl. Here’s a picture of the man himself.


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