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I normally stay away from the realm of sports, because it will go into a five hour rant asking why Los Angeles, the second biggest city in the United States, doesn’t have a football team, which by the way makes entirely no sense and I’m looking forward to the Jacksonville Jaguars moving here in 2016. I said it here first, but this email started hitting alot of my list serves and it is pretty Cornell related: Boston College Eagles hire Cornell coach Steve Donahue. To say I’m surprised he took the offer is really a stretch, but it still doesn’t ease away the pain I feel right now.

Cornell has experienced its fair share of athletic accolades this year: Cornell basketball reaching the Sweet 16 eventually losing to the All-Going-Pro squad of Kentucky, Cornell women’s hockey being runner up in the national championships, Cornell’s hockey winning another ECAC title but eventually getting bounced in the playoffs. All of the analysts kept pressing Cornell as home of the real ‘student-athletes’ and the whole “don’t give out athletic scholarships because we are an Ivy” comment.

While Cornell enjoyed relative success this year, I can’t blame Donahue for accepting a job at Boston College, because while Cornell has die-hard fan, we can’t offer the same state-of-art facilities as say Boston College or any schools from the big conferences. So while I’m saddened to see Donahue go, I appreciate the foundation he has laid with Cornell scholar athletes being able to compete against everyone else which is how it should be.

I’m still in support of Cornell not giving athletic scholarships, because Cornell hasn’t a powerhouse program since like the 1900’s when there were only ten other schools in the whole division. Academics first and it will always remain that way.

So here’s a post thanking the man to Cornell’s best basketball finish….EVER!

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