Trying to Show School Spirit

One of the things I have always struggled with at every major event at Cornell is the singing of the alma mater and the fight song. Every year since I’ve been accepted all I could do is awkwardly hymn along and hope I don’t raise suspicion so today I took the time to learn a little bit more about each song.

Here is Cornell’s Alma Mater! Actually written by two roommates and can be arguably be classified as the most widely copied alma mater

Far above Cayuga’s waters,
With its waves of blue,
Stands our noble alma mater,
Glorious to view.

Lift the chorus, speed it onward,
Loud her praises tell;
Hail to thee, our alma mater!
Hail, all hail, Cornell!

Far above the busy humming
Of the bustling town,
Reared against the arch of heaven,
Looks she proudly down.

Here is Cornell’s Fight Song Give My Regards to Davy:

Give my regards to Davy,
Remember me to Tee Fee Crane.
Tell all the pikers on the Hill
That I’ll be back again.
Tell them just how I busted
Lapping up the high
We’ll all have drinks at Theodore Zinck’s
When I get back next fall!

Definitions: Zinck’s was actually an old bar in Ithaca, but we still keep the tradition on with Zinck’s nights for senior, which is a great celebration including discounts on long island ice tea which is awesome!!!!

Highball is a glass for cocktails for those who are unfamiliar with it.

Piker was slang for freshman.

Tee Fee Crane was the first dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Basically the song is around an imaginary student’s expulsion because of binge drinking. Nothing is as funny as old people’s slang. My goal is to be able to have it memorized and be able to see it by graduation.

One thought on “Trying to Show School Spirit”

  1. Nothing is as funny as old people’s slang.

    Alex, you just made my otherwise crappy morning.

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