Making Pizza!

The biggest compliment I always hear about Cornellians is they are always trying to give back. Whether its people selling baked goods to raise funds for those suffering in Haiti and Chile or people doing alternative break projects over their prospective winter and spring breaks, Cornellians realize that to whom much is given much is expected. Me following the trend, I am a third year participant of a local Big Brother, Big Sister program at Cornell. It’s called Ithakids (Clever, right!) and typically every other Sunday we spend about two or three hours hanging out and trying to leave the kids with some kind of lesson of the day.

Today we went to a local restaurant called Max’s in the commons and got to color and decorate our own chef hats and make our own pizza. While I really love being a big brother, this program has shown I’m not close to being ready to have kids and feel exhausted after hanging out with them for just three hours.

We were even featured in the Ithaca Journal, Ithaca’s local newspaper!


*Pictures taken by Ithaca Journal Staff

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