Senior Week

Senior Week was pretty good. I will go into a day-by-day breakdown of the week’s events.

Monday- Woke up at 11am and proceeded to either sit outside on the patio or watch TV for the next 5 to 6 hours. Went to Jack’s grill to go eat, and proceeded to watch TV for another 5 to 7 hours. After a complete day of being a couch potato, I arrived at a lingerie party where I proceeded to dance the night away.


Tuesday- Went on a wine tour with my girlfriend. Wore my khakis and polo shirt for this one, needless to say trying to do grown and sexy. Sipping on wine, relaxing with a loved one. Ending with a picnic with some friends. Alex RATING: AWWWW TIME WITH YOUR BOO!


Wednesday- White water rafting. See my face for explanation! It was a crazy fun time of adventure and got to feel really outdoorsy. ALEX RATING: GRRRRR, I’m like that Brawny paper towel guy I’m a manly man Rafting!


Thursday- Wine tour with friends. Wore T-shirt and jeans and cap backwards needless to say comparably different than time spent with the gf. Did I mention 7-dollar BOTTLE wine? Passed out on my bed by 4pm upon return, didn’t even hear my friend knock for a celebration I was supposed to go. ALEX RATING: STILL PRETTY AWESOME BUT MY BODY IS STARTING TO WEAR DOWN DID I REALLY NEED THAT THIRD BOTTLE OF WINE?


Friday- Attended Trustee Dinner, got to meet Peter Nolan. He is definitely a big shot trustee and definitely tried to network and establish connections with the big wigs of Cornell. Louis Dale also gave me a shout out during the speech talking about his undergrad experience saying I taught him the fundamentals of basketball, definitely blushed about it. ALEX RATING: LOUIS DALE IS OFFICIALLY MY HERO!

That was pretty much senior week in a nutshell. It was a lot of fun and a lot of activities to say the least. Now onto the big story of the week: GRADUATION!

Live Blogging is Awesome

I had to try my hand at a live blog for my class, Writing for New Media. I decided to do it on a recent event with CCSADE and Phenom Step Team.

– 9:01pm The event is hosted by two MC’s, Gigi sophomore ILR student and Tommy, a football player whose major is straight pimping as he describes

-9:02pm The hosts describe this as the first event co-hosted by the two organizations, the Cornell Carribean Student Association and Phenom Step Team

-9:10pm Theme of the evening is a flash back of dancing, 70s, 80’s, 90’s and today both crews dancing to the jams of yesteryear and today

9:15pm First up 70’s which is weird, because considering that the senior and junior class were born only in 88 and 89 I don’t really know how we can relate

9:16pm Hosts directs us to the powerpoint of the 70’s. Trying to recognize some of the pictures. One’s of the disco era, Star Wars, Grease, and Godfather. Last Dance by Donna Summers, that is definitely a great song. I start to sing Donna Summer in my high pitched female voice

9:20pm Phenom step team is up first, dressed up in Black Panthers outfit: wig afro’s, black shirt, black jeans, even someone wearing black leather jacket

9:25pm William Cantine, the president of the organization starts the chant who are we, rest of group emphatically responds, “We are phenom step team!” They began to step all on rhythm very synchronized

9:30pm Finish stepping. CCSADE is up, the dance troupe is consisting of 12 girls and their outfits show alot of skin. I approve since this is mostly a college event.

9:35pm Their dancing involves alot of butt movement. Popping the booty as some would call it. Also alot of humping the ground. My Jamiacan friend has described the body movement as Soca dancing.

9:38pm The hosts arrive back on the stage for the 80’s now. Of course the host shouts out people from 89 since it was the year he was born.

9:40pm Another powerpoint this time based on the 80’s. Alot of Molly Ringwald references, Sixteen Candles, the Breakfast Club. Also picture of the Muppets and Ferris Beuhler’s Day Off, with all these classic films it seems like a great time to be a teenager. Too bad I was only two years old.

9:42pm CCSADE is up first. The reggae singer Sean Paul is on. Sean Paul is definitely made in the 90’s. I’m definitely concerned with the fact it is supposed to be the 80s theme dance, but guess not.

9:48pm Phenom is now up. They have a step with people jumping in and out of jump rope. Takes a lot of corridination which I simply lack very much

9:51pm Phenom continues its skit now with the SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLL Train line. Made famous primarily during the 70’s/80s. People within Phenom are starting a soul train line, freestyle line. I even see someone doing the classic move the cabbage patch.

9:54pm It’s time for the 90’s a familiar time we can all remember, Saved By the Bell, Fresh Prince, Family Matters with Steve Urkel. The host even did an impression of Bill Clinton during his swearing he didn’t have sexual relations. HE KNEW HE WAS HITTING IT!

10:00pm Will starts whistling a familiar theme song……. it sounds so familiar………..Oh wait it’s DOUG! I used to love that show as a kid. Doug Funny, Patty Mayonnaise, and Skeeter Valentine, those were some weird names.

10:08pm Final Act, music of today. The song selection is Chris Brown “make your booty pop” for Phenom. Dressed regularly, but have machette-like props they are throwing around while they are all synchronized. Way to end the final act!!!!

10:24 Final CCSADE act. Seems like a striptease audition. Girls taking off their clothes and stuff. This is quite an ending too, but awesome in a different kind of way.

10:29pm Applause throughout the room and now it’s time to honor the seniors for their years of dedication but the orgs must go on and dance another day!

New Students!

As the end of prospective students orientation comes to a close, I look at all the eager faces of prospective Cornellians. Two main thoughts run through my mind:

The first thought: Man they have no idea what they are getting themselves into. Look at all these hey, I have a 4.3 GPA, took 12 AP classes, head of the football/soccer team kids who are excited to continue their role of big fish, small pond at Cornell. Little do they know that everyone was like that in their high schools and got hit with the reality of Cornell really quick. Whether it’s seeing your first Chem prelim come back as a 64 or hearing from upperclassmen no one cares where your high school ranks in the U.S. Cornell is a humbling experience for every student.

The second thought: Man these kids are incredible, I wish I was smart like them in high school. With each new prospective student comes a new story, a new hometown affiliated with the Cornell brand. I am proud to be a soon-to-be Cornell alumni, because I want to continue the legacy of success with the university just as these kids hope to be part of the Cornell legacy.

What seems like two conflicting ideas are actually what makes Cornell great. Humbling the community-proclaimed gifted as I like to think.

Leadership Conference Time

Thanks to being an active participant in the BOLD program and a recipient of the Meinig Family Scholarship I have been allotted alot of opportunities to gain first-hand experience in leadership development and understanding what it takes to be a leader. This week is a little bit different however because rather than spending all the time focusing on how to instill leadership in ourselves we are more focused to how to extend leadership to the young people.

You know what that means the fresh smell of flow charts and conferences!!!! That’s right this next week I will spend this great opportunity working with the Center of Creative Leadership in their first run-through of there ‘Train-the-Trainer” program where young people mostly graduates in non-profit work are given a toolbox to help instill leadership in others and be a good facilitator in leadership development. I’ll be providing day by day updates of the events.

Random fact of the night I was in the lobby of the hotel, and I randomly saw Donald Glover, comedian, writer on 30 Rock, and actor on Community. He’s like my hero as far as comedic writing goes and I acted like a school girl around him giggling like a little school girl. Here’s a picture of the man himself.

Cornell Sports Brief

I normally stay away from the realm of sports, because it will go into a five hour rant asking why Los Angeles, the second biggest city in the United States, doesn’t have a football team, which by the way makes entirely no sense and I’m looking forward to the Jacksonville Jaguars moving here in 2016. I said it here first, but this email started hitting alot of my list serves and it is pretty Cornell related: Boston College Eagles hire Cornell coach Steve Donahue. To say I’m surprised he took the offer is really a stretch, but it still doesn’t ease away the pain I feel right now.

Cornell has experienced its fair share of athletic accolades this year: Cornell basketball reaching the Sweet 16 eventually losing to the All-Going-Pro squad of Kentucky, Cornell women’s hockey being runner up in the national championships, Cornell’s hockey winning another ECAC title but eventually getting bounced in the playoffs. All of the analysts kept pressing Cornell as home of the real ‘student-athletes’ and the whole “don’t give out athletic scholarships because we are an Ivy” comment.

While Cornell enjoyed relative success this year, I can’t blame Donahue for accepting a job at Boston College, because while Cornell has die-hard fan, we can’t offer the same state-of-art facilities as say Boston College or any schools from the big conferences. So while I’m saddened to see Donahue go, I appreciate the foundation he has laid with Cornell scholar athletes being able to compete against everyone else which is how it should be.

I’m still in support of Cornell not giving athletic scholarships, because Cornell hasn’t a powerhouse program since like the 1900’s when there were only ten other schools in the whole division. Academics first and it will always remain that way.

So here’s a post thanking the man to Cornell’s best basketball finish….EVER!

95657881CC163_Cornell_v_KenImage from

so, how are you REALLY doing?

I can’t avoid the signs with the smiley faces, all the emails I’ve been sent on list serves, the articles on Huffington Post, or all the questions from everyone asking, “So, how are you really doing?”. The recent tragic suicides of three students within a month has shocked Cornell campus and is the talk of the town. Unfortunately, this only perpetuates the stereotype I hear from so many other schools about Cornell being a ‘suicide’ school. Depression still remains an uncomfortable subject Cornell tries to address with resources.

Cornell is a tough school, there is no way to put it lightly. Regardless of the majors, I have friends from English to chemical engineers and they all have experienced more than their fair share of struggles thanks to Cornell. However, I was lucky to never feel like I was alone. The weird thing about Cornell is that we are isolated in Ithaca and the struggles of Cornell has a funny way of connecting relatively different people. Whether it’s starting friendships over failing my first exam or getting rides from people trying to seeing what the world has to offer, I always felt there was someone who was either experiencing something just as bad and it gives me a weird comforting feeling. If anything, the tragedy has spurred a newfound responsibility of the Cornell community to remember that grades aren’t everything and remind others of that fact. Overachievement can really blind students from fully enjoying their college experience, but it is situations similar to this that serves a reminder that we should be appreciative that we are here of that select group of Ivy League students (and soon to be Ivy League graduate!)

Cornell University also provides resources for students facing tough times. Because of the recent events, there is patrol next to the Thurston bridge which is a really sad result to me. We have CAPS, psychological help with those facing depression and giving students a chance to talk to someone better adept at dealing.  With these resources no student should ever feel alone or unsupported.

Out of this tragedy, I hope there is some good where students myself included are reminded of their priorities in life and not just at Cornell. The ‘Cornell bubble’ makes me forget about those priorities. So next time someone asks I’ll say a little bit more than just good next time someone asks how I’m doing.

Trying to Show School Spirit

One of the things I have always struggled with at every major event at Cornell is the singing of the alma mater and the fight song. Every year since I’ve been accepted all I could do is awkwardly hymn along and hope I don’t raise suspicion so today I took the time to learn a little bit more about each song.

Here is Cornell’s Alma Mater! Actually written by two roommates and can be arguably be classified as the most widely copied alma mater

Far above Cayuga’s waters,
With its waves of blue,
Stands our noble alma mater,
Glorious to view.

Lift the chorus, speed it onward,
Loud her praises tell;
Hail to thee, our alma mater!
Hail, all hail, Cornell!

Far above the busy humming
Of the bustling town,
Reared against the arch of heaven,
Looks she proudly down.

Here is Cornell’s Fight Song Give My Regards to Davy:

Give my regards to Davy,
Remember me to Tee Fee Crane.
Tell all the pikers on the Hill
That I’ll be back again.
Tell them just how I busted
Lapping up the high
We’ll all have drinks at Theodore Zinck’s
When I get back next fall!

Definitions: Zinck’s was actually an old bar in Ithaca, but we still keep the tradition on with Zinck’s nights for senior, which is a great celebration including discounts on long island ice tea which is awesome!!!!

Highball is a glass for cocktails for those who are unfamiliar with it.

Piker was slang for freshman.

Tee Fee Crane was the first dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Basically the song is around an imaginary student’s expulsion because of binge drinking. Nothing is as funny as old people’s slang. My goal is to be able to have it memorized and be able to see it by graduation.

Making Pizza!

The biggest compliment I always hear about Cornellians is they are always trying to give back. Whether its people selling baked goods to raise funds for those suffering in Haiti and Chile or people doing alternative break projects over their prospective winter and spring breaks, Cornellians realize that to whom much is given much is expected. Me following the trend, I am a third year participant of a local Big Brother, Big Sister program at Cornell. It’s called Ithakids (Clever, right!) and typically every other Sunday we spend about two or three hours hanging out and trying to leave the kids with some kind of lesson of the day.

Today we went to a local restaurant called Max’s in the commons and got to color and decorate our own chef hats and make our own pizza. While I really love being a big brother, this program has shown I’m not close to being ready to have kids and feel exhausted after hanging out with them for just three hours.

We were even featured in the Ithaca Journal, Ithaca’s local newspaper!


*Pictures taken by Ithaca Journal Staff

They tried to make me go to the gorges but I said no no no.

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