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I hail from Chester, NJ a far reaching suburb of New York City, am half Korean, and am an alum of Delbarton School (my high school) in Morristown, NJ. Actually if you think about it New Jersey is just two suburbs put together. Northern Jersey is a suburb of New York City and Southern Jersey is a suburb of Philadelphia. Anyways, sports is my passion. The Giants in football, Yankees in baseball, Nets in basketball, and Rangers in Hockey. Politics, movies, and television come second. Going along with my interests, I would like to go into politics, which is why I am majoring in Policy Analysis and Management (PAM). Anchoring SPORTSCENTER on ESPN would be my childhood fantasy. But back to reality, the PAM major is in the College of Human Ecology and if you want any more information on this school I am your go-to guy.

After a very exciting first semester of freshman year, I decided to become more involved and expand my horizons beyond my friends in my residence hall. I promptly applied to be a tour guide and was graciously accepted into their very friendly community (I think only because my last name was Payne and it was a hit with the hiring committee). I play intramural football, soccer, and softball at Cornell and am part of the speech team. All of these extracurriculars just add to this awesome experience of being a Cornellian far above Cayuga’s waters.

As for my blog, it is a “no spin zone” similar to Bill O’Reilly’s O’Reilly Factor, however, don’t worry if you disagree with my facts/opinions, you won’t have to drink Cool Aid. In fact O’ Reilly should go take a swim in some ice cold Tropical Breeze Cool Aid. I’m sure Keith Olbermann would love that. Maybe he’ll read this and it’ll make a cameo on his show, Countdown. Preferably, I’d like to think of myself and my beginner’s level blog as a model after Anderson Cooper and his show 360. Sorry, I’m rambling (told you tv was my second favorite interest). You are more than welcome to write your thoughts and opinions on my blog and I will do my best to respond in a timely fashion.

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  1. Hi,
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  2. I hope this is the right place to ask you questions about HumEc!

    Could you tell me more about the college? I applied to the school, and my sister’s actually a junior in the school now, but I’d just like some extra info. I chose PAM as my major as well, but I’m not so sure what my motives were behind it. Yikes, I guess I’m having second thoughts. So what would you say characterizes a HumEc student, specifically a PAM student? What do you enjoy most about studying PAM?

    PS: I’m eagerly awaiting that letter from Cornell…and reading your and Jenna’s blogs really pique my desire to be accepted! Good job with the blogging 🙂

  3. hey alex, great blog! thanks for writing and showing us what like in Ithaca is like.(: ive recently been accepted and am planning to study PAM in HumEc. i have quite a few questions i wish to ask you regarding career prospects & curriculum/course load of a PAM major. but im kinda afraid of asking the career svcs centre cos i really dont wish to get any politically correct answers. im an intl student and my parents would have to finance around 300 thousand for my 4 years in cornell and really need to see the practicality & feasibility of such a major. these are my qns:
    1)The general perception of PAM is more public svc slanted, is it feasible to do PAM and go into the private sector? what are the job prospects like in the private sector for a B.Sci PAM grad?
    2)I understand PAM is quite math-intensive. How difficult are the Math sections in PAM?
    3)Would it be more useful w rgds to career/salary to transfer to AEM instead? Is PAM well-received as a course?
    I understand that my questions are mainly geared towards career opportunities and the reason is because I really do not wish to spend 300 THOUSAND on a degree that isn’t able to reap returns on that very major investment. It’s not fair to my parents to spend that amt of money on me. I dont know if you’d be comfortable replying to me on such a public portal, especially w regards to potentially sensitive qns hahaha so could you please email me? 🙂 I’ll be soo grateful if you could address these pertinent concerns of mine. Thank you!

  4. I hope you can work towards your dream of working as anchor at SportsCenter, but maybe you are aiming a little too high 🙂 Being a tour guide must have it’s perks as well.

  5. hi alex, i’m meiliana from indonesia. now i’m a student of jurusan gizi kesehatan (nutrition) of medical faculty brawijaya university. i’m interested in studying at cornell university. can you give me someone who i can ask about this major?
    i know a little information about this major at cornell university: this department is a part of college of human ecology and college of agriculture and life sciences.
    thanks a lot for your help.

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