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One of the great aspects of Cornell is the ability to speak one’s mind on campus. One organization that does this successfully is the Cornell Daily Sun. It is published daily Monday-Friday and is the university newspaper, but is independent of the University. The day after us bloggers were featured in the Sun, there was an editorial in the newspaper. In it we were criticized for being “bland near-advertisements for the University”. To respond to this comment and to make sure that you, the reader, understands that my blog and the five others are credible I say the following:

I did not apply and did not accept the invitation to become a blogger for Cornell University just so I could be a mindless drone who spits out slogans like they came from Orwell’s 1984. This blog after all is a no spin zone like I said in the about me page. I became a blogger because I love Cornell and find myself whenever coming back home on vacations challenging my friends in some subjective way to see if their college/university is better or provides better services than mine. I believe I have a right to laud the great things about this University when I (my parents and myself) am paying them tens of thousands of dollars for their services. (A similar message can be found in Jenna’s blog.) On that note I would also like to say, I don’t sugar coat things, I don’t whitewash events, and I am not a revisionist. “I am not going to make Cornell look like it’s heaven because it isn’t” is a quote from Jen Lin. I second that. If I find something that I feel is at fault with Cornell I will say so. However, this will be done constructively (meaning no personal attacks or insults or aggressive criticism) since all the great successful social/political movements of the past century have been led and performed peacefully. Examples range from women’s suffrage to the Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement to Tiananmen Square to the Cuban Missile Crisis to (arguably) the fall of the Berlin Wall. I will state my opinion, but not in an Ann Coulter fashion. Just because I am a tour guide doesn’t mean I can’t enunciate my true feelings about Cornell. It just so happens that the vast majority of them happen to be good.

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