Is 38% Acceptable?

My ultimate final is approaching; 9am tomorrow morning. Studying for it has been extremely difficult. Distractions prohibiting the process of reviewing material so as to ingrain it in the short/long term memory area of the brain have been abundant. First, I didn’t log my time allocation, but I am almost certain I slept more than I studied in the library this afternoon.

I woke up from the nap to find a voicemail from my mom saying my sister has a ring (she’s engaged!). The first thing that came to mind was, “How big is it?”… is that bad? Then, I only maintained my excitement level by realizing I knew every song that was played on the chimes today. That’s a first! I missed the morning concert, but the afternoon chimes master showcased My Favorite Things from Sound of Music, Lean on Me by Al Green, and Apologize by One Republic. In the evening, while “studying” of course, I picked out The Rose by Bette Midler (Yes, I know I know, Bette Midler, don’t ask, I just know), Piano Man from Billy Joel, and the Cornell Evening Song played to the tune of O Christmas Tree.

Being able to name all songs in a chimes concert also allowed me to cross off one of the 161 things every Cornellian must do, which I also spent time today calculating how many I completed over my tenure on the Hill. Unfortunately, I tallied only 61, which includes the one from today. That’s 38%. I don’t know if I should advertise such an abysmal accomplishment or lack of one. Kristi said we could drive my car up the slope and into Ho Plaza knocking off another one. I have to weigh the consequence of being JA’d (Judicial Administrator’d) because of it. Oh that’s another one! Being JA’d. I guess I’d kill two birds with one stone…kind of like Willard Straight (tour guide joke).