The Word: Last

It has begun. Seniors (more like juniors telling seniors) making statements about how today is their last time doing this and yesterday was their last time doing that. My last class was on Thursday. Ironically, it was a section at 8pm. My last tour guide party and formal was last night. My last tour will be coming up in two weeks. My last time seeing some friends will be in one week. My last slope day was on Friday. My last intramural sports game was a week ago today (and I still haven’t won a championship).

Thinking about the end of college in this manner is somewhat depressing and frightening. Unfortunately, I can’t escape that mindset, which might just be a testament to how enjoyable a time it has been at Cornell. Now real life with real responsibilities and real ramifications is approaching. Soon, the last day will come where I can consider myself in the bubble titled dependent. At the end of the last day, the bubble will soon pop and, hopefully, being released from it will be the first of a series of firsts that will lead me down the road of a successful and happy life…as an adult.