An Unwanted Invitation

Once again, I am writing as a means of putting off (not necessarily procrastinating) studying for my Politics of Violence pre-lim that is tonight.

I received an invitation in my Human Ecology student mailbox today offering me “to celebrate [my] last days as a student in the College of Human Ecology at Ice Cream in the Courtyard.” Really! Could they make it any more obvious!? They don’t think I already know these are my last days?! Why don’t they just hit me over the head with a 2×4! Their bluntness might just make me in the appetite for ice cream, a whole gallon of it (Bavarian Raspberry Fudge please!). And I might just down the whole thing if it weren’t for the 50 degree weather outside. C’mon Ithaca, it’s halfway through April, where’s the warmth? Last year it was 70 at this point in time, just give me a good last two weeks.

Oh and who schedules a pre-lim with two weeks left in the semester, might as well call it a final. Can someone get me that 2×4!