This Isn’t Good

I think it takes more effort for me to open my notebook and study than it takes to actually read the material. The two papers, one pre-lim, and one lab practical that I had mentioned in the previous post are still hanging over my head. I finished one paper (on the photograph in Life Magazine by Robert Capa of the dying Spanish soldier from the Spanish Civil war back in 1936), wrote the outline for my philosophy paper, and just wrapped up studying for the night on my Politics of Violence course. By the time I exert the oomph to open my book and review the material, I’m exhausted and can’t concentrate/ read a couple pages and call an intermission. My brain is so out of shape, gees. This state of mind brings back fond memories of senior year in high school. I guess I should cherish it now because it will never happen again…oh my mom is going to be so mad at me.

On another note, I found a $5 bill blowing in the wind on my walk up to my Ethics and Healthcare course. I figured I’d be ethical and put the money in the poor box when I go to church. Maybe that’ll give me the karma necessary to get a good grade on the test. Kant and his deontological argument would say that’s not very ethical whatsoever. Kant didn’t understand the concept of a senior slide.