I Liked That One

The Cornell Design League (CDL) held its annual fashion show at Barton Hall last night. Most of the entrants are Fiber Science and Apparel Design (FSAD) majors, but any Cornell student can enter their design and many from other majors did. The fashion show had the runway, lights, music, big screen tv’s and other miscellaneous amenities to create an authentic vibe. Cornell students were models, and the show was divided into four levels.

The first level consisted of students who are new to the fashion show. This show was their first time entering a dress, suit, etc. These students designed one set or piece of clothing. The second level grouped students who were coming in with one year of experience and they designed two different clothing pieces to be worn on two separate models. You could see the growth from level one to level two – more intricacies, a more understandable and better communicated meaning, and a more attractive design.

Level three is where the serious fun began. Designers had to present a line of clothing. These lines ranged anywhere from five to eight pieces. Examples ranged from airline stewardess inspired clothing for the 21st century to five nights of disco. You could hear the ooh’s and ahh’s and the that’s my favorite or I really liked that one. Friends and family of the designers would purchase bouquets of flowers and then walk up to the runway to hand to the designers as they walked down the runway with their prospective model and dress (this was after the model first walked down the runway alone).

Level four was very similar. Designers had one more year of experience and also made the presentation of their lines into more of a show. For instance, one designer brought out an old toy box and would pull different props out. Each time she did a new model would walk down the stage in an outfit resembling the prop. The designer would hand the prop to the model as she was walking off stage. Another one created this picnic scene where all the models walked onto the stage posed as if they were a bunch of friends hanging out in a field and one or two at a time would walk down the runway and then go back into the still scene.

Yesterday was my first time going and it was very enjoyable though the intermission was slightly long and the show started about 25 minutes late. It’s one of those events where it’s entertaining going once a year, but twice a year is once too many…the novelty wears off.