A Fun Quiz

There are very few times in which a quiz/test/exam is bearable to study for. It’s even rarer to describe studying for a quiz as fun, but for my Politics of Violence in 20th Century Europe course, that’s exactly the description warranted for an upcoming geography quiz this Friday. It’s worth 10% of my grade and involves memorization, but is extremely useful and very necessary. I have to know the geographic locations of 47 European countries, those countries capitals, the 27 countries that comprise the European Union, and the map of 1914 Europe.

I’ve actually enjoyed studying for this quiz. Proof: Capital of Montenegro–>Podgorica, Capital of Macedonia–>Skopje. It’s rare to enjoy studying for a quiz; it’s rarer to enjoy doing it during second semester senior year. I think I picked the right class to take. Consider this a recommendation to take Gov 271 when you come to Cornell.