Newark, NJ Comes to Ithaca, NY

Blagojevich has been unanimously removed from the Governor’s Office today, and Chris Matthews has been coverng this new development on his show, Hardball, for the past hour. Watching these developments, hearing the ridiculousness of Blagojevich’s defense, his likening himself to Ghandi, and King, his use of Kipling’s poetry to defend himself makes me thankful that last night, thanks to my friend (who happens to be Republican) I was able to attend a speech by Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker.

Mayor Booker’s speech was the keynote address of an evening dedicated to celebrating 60 years of Ithaca’s Youth Bureau. Booker talked about the need to be united, the necessity to see the good in dire situations, and the requirement of humanity to know that from inequality and suffering comes progress. Cory Booker is New Jersey’s Barack Obama, no doubt. He is one of those “new generation” politicians. Hearing him speak of duty and kindness and charity, hearing him invoke scripture from the Bible, Torah, Koran, Lotus Sutra, and many others, listening to his originality, taking in his genuine stories and personal experiences made an extremely deep impression in my mind and heart about him. In fact, as my friend and I were walking out of the State Theater, heading back to the car, I had mentioned that there were rumors that Booker was being asked to run for Governor of NJ after Corzine’s term is complete, to which he replied I’d vote for him. That’s no small feat. He’s no RINO or northeastern Republican. He didn’t vote for Barack Obama, but rather supported McCain and is in disgust with his two senators, Feinstein and Boxer.

Cory Booker left the State Theater with a standing ovation from the audience and a special cheer from those New Jersey natives after inviting Giants fans to mourn with him in the back corner and saying, “It’s the Jersey Giants.” Damn right Mayor Booker! It’s the New Jersey Giants!

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  1. There is among your readers, one old enough to have seen the real Jersey (City) Giants play. But memory is a fickle thing, and although I remember Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella playing for Montreal, a Dodgers farm team in the same Triple A league at nearly the same time, I cannot remember the name of the black Jersey City Giant who subsequently played for the parent NY City Giants. A first baseman perhaps.
    This from Wikipedia…”The Jersey City Giants was the name of a high-level American minor league baseball franchise that played in Jersey City, New Jersey, as the top farm system affiliate of the New York Giants from 1937 through 1950. The Jersey City club played in the International League (Class AA 1912-45 and Class AAA since 1946). They were commonly referred to as the Little…”

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