Sarting Off

A day on the slopes and a night of Cornell hockey isn’t the typical Cornell weekend (too much leisure, not enough work) but before all the work starts piling up, it’s nice to take advantage of the winter in Ithaca. Over the past couple of weeks it snowed quite a bit, and for the first time I’ve been at Cornell, Greek Peak (ski resort 30 minutes outside of Ithaca) opened all of its trails and lifts. Two friends and I took full advantage of this opportunity and reaped the benefits of nice snow, no lift lines whatsoever and a multitude of trails to ski down.

Arriving back to Cornell at 6:30pm, we gave ourselves little time to eat and get ready for the hockey game against Brown at 7. I, personally, arrived, three minutes into the game and missed the first of five Cornell goals that resulted in a 5-1 victory. After a tough loss to Yale the night before, tonight’s win should help tamper the blow to our ESPN/INCH power ranking of #2. It also left the crowd in a jovial mood as the building emptied with the fans singing, “Mary had a little sieve, little sieve, little sieve. Mary had a little sieve, that let in five goals.”