It’s a Great Day to be Alive

The Connie Morrow and Pat Greene song is the only tune that kept coming to my mind today as Barack Obama is officially President of the United States (that and John Williams’ composition)! CNN’s coverage showed public squares in Harlem, Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Memphis of scores of people gathered together watching the inauguration. Here at Cornell, witnessing history was no different. I, personally, decided to skip my English class to see VP Biden and President Obama sworn in. The inaguration was being broadcast at several locations throughout campus, the most crowded being 1,300 seat auditorium, Bailey Hall. People were sitting in the balcony, and seats had to be reserved by picking up a ticket in advance. My friend was in the Mann library atrium where two 42 inch lcd tv’s were airing the inauguration, and he excitingly informed me that it was so crowded one could not move through the lobby. I hadn’t missed a class in three years until today, and I have no regrets. Listening to his speech, feeling the excitement where I was sitting in Ithaca, NY and seeing the excitement in Washington, DC, it’s hard not to envision a great eight years.