12.5% Left

My 7th semester came to a close at 4:28pm today with the completion of the American Political Thought final. I don’t know how well I did, just that my winter break is going to consist of filling out grad school apps, studying for the PRAXIS test (for teachers), and finishing requirements for Teach for America. Doesn’t sound like fun, and I don’t anticipate it will be. It’s a bittersweet feeling finishing the semester, the relief of completing finals, while at the same time knowing there’s only one more semester left. 7/8 of the way finished, 12.5% to go. Hopefully, it’s the best semester yet. Have a great break; look forward to writing for you in January.

I Don’t Know

I think I’m in a state of catatonia right now. But then again ‘ve been studying for my nutritional sciences final and if I’m studying right I know that I couldn’t be writing right now and be in a catatonic state. It wouldn’t be possible. I don’t know what I’m in right now. I don’t know whay I’m writing. I know it’s a friday night almost saturday morning I’m in the library of rare and asian manuscripts which might mean I’m in Korea, I don’t know. It’s snowing outside, I think, since it’s dark out. Last time I was out it was snowing out. Stream of conscoiousness is a great literary tool by the way. I don’t have an English final so I don’t need to know that, but I remember reading William Faulkner in high school, which by the way was four years ago, and learning about stream of consciousness. Really cool writing style. Early decisions came out yesterday night, congrats to all those that got in! It’s a good feeling. One I wish I could go back to and not worry about life in the real world. My mind ran out of stuff to say. I guess that means stream of consciousness is over. Peace.

The Penultimate Finals

As the commencement of finals week approaches (this Wednesday the ominous begins) I have started to analyze the studying areas that have gone unexplored but should be experienced before I leave Cornell. While running through my mind of possible places I stumbled on what happens to be the sitting area for the Moosewood cafe in Anabel Taylor Hall. Such a great idea couldn’t be passed up. Today is Monday (first day of three study days) and I’ve been in Moosewood since 4:45pm (it’s 6:45pm right now). Only one person has even entered the room. I am the only one here… I am Legend! (I wish I were Will Smith.) Tables and chairs abound. Several outlets for laptops scattered across the room. This is THE place to go if solitude and quiet is what you need to study! If you need more stimulus or movement (eg: people walking around, pages in books being turned) this is not the place to be as it truly feels like everyone else in the world has died and all that is left is you and the Sobe Life Water vending machine. Back to studying.


Ithaca College is Cornell’s fellow friend on the Hill. They’re known for their broadcast and film studies. Using this knowledge, Ithaca College TV (ictv.org) created a show called Ivy, which is a Laguna Beach style satire on Cornell University. You can watch the episodes (three so far) on their website mentioned above. I was initially skeptical, but being able to take a laugh at myself and, more importantly, being bored at work one day, I decided to take a dive and see what the buzz was about.

Now I’m hooked. These 22 minute episodes maintain such a great balance between “real” Cornell and stereotyped Cornell, dry comedy and satirical comedy, professional writing and amateur writing, entertaining acting and subpar acting. It’s not what you would think to expect from a television show written, directed, produced, and acted by college students. It’s much better. As a Cornell student, it’s easy to relate to some of the characters, understand that other characters who are supposed to be an exaggeration of some students at Cornell are actually, in fact, spot on, and know what really is over the top. And, best of all, at any time during an episode I can say, “Oh, I’ve been there.”