Colin Powell’s Endorsement

It’s a true premise to say that endorsements don’t really have an effect on the election, but those who say that about Powell’s endorsement of Obama aren’t looking deeper into his remarks. It’s not Powell’s actual endorsement of Obama proclaimed on Meet the Press with Tom Brokaw that’s important, it’s what Powell said about American Muslims, the story he told of the family in Arlington cemetery. Finally, it was mentioned that it’s not the fact that people accuse Obama of being a Muslim when he’s not that’s scary, it’s the implied premise that even if Obama were a Muslim that would be a bad thing. As Powell goes on to say, “What kind of message does that send to young Muslim-Americans?” Finally!! It’s about damn time someone said something, that it’s coming from Powell makes it a pretty resounding statement. I hope this is what the news networks report, not the predictable “Powell endorses Obama, did he do it because he’s black?”