Meeting Terry Anderson

July 5

We’ve attempted to register voters for a combined 30 hours over the past 3 days. Sometimes we see the fruits of our labor and other times there’s absolutely no reward for the time we’ve invested. So when we were told that we’d be taking a break and visiting journalist and former marine and politician Terry Anderson (the one who was kidnapped in 1985 in Beirut) I could not be more excited…until I saw the food he had prepared for us. I then became ecstatic. Eating a home cooked meal after 3 weeks of Buffalo Wild Wings, pizza, Chinese food, and other sorts of cheap stuff cannot be described in words alone. Now add dining with Terry Anderson and at 12am I’m not going to even try to put my feelings on paper. Our conversations were great. He opened his entire house to us. He explained his experience running for the state senate in a district that votes for the 3 G’s (god, guns, and gays). He told us about ethics, politics, and daily life. It was wonderful to have such discussions and especially listen to what he had to say. As part of our goodbyes he gave each of us an autographed book of his memoir, “Den of Lions”.

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