Pao Bhangra!

Cornell’s most attended student show (not including sporting events) ocurred last night in Barton Hall. A couple thousand students and families made the trek up the hill to watch Cornell’s Bhangra team as well as other teams from around the region dance the night away.

Pao means to do, and bhangra is an Indian and Pakistani dance that includes up-tempo bass lines. The dances can be more modern in style or leaning towards the traditional. Whatever the style, the music is as lively as one could imagine. Usually, modern Indian music is the prime choice, but there are instances where Rihanna, Fort Minor, and Justin Timberlake make a cameo in the musical selections, though it isn’t for long.

It’s extremely entertaining. No performer is ever seen by the audience not smiling. In fact the stage looks so cheerful with the smiling dancers and bright, beautiful costumes that those who attend the event are guaranteed to be happy for the next week. If you fail a test, are rejected for a job, or break up with your girl/boyfriend, have no fear for if you went to last night’s Bhangra show you’ll be too happy to even notice.