Ending the Semester with a DC Movie Premiere

The semester is over! I turned in my last assignment, the semester long research paper totaling 50 pages, Sunday night after the Giants game. The feeling of completing such a task is in itself a great one, but having that be the final assignment for the term made it feel even better.

On Monday, in celebration, a group of us went to the DC premiere of The Waterhorse: Legend of the Deep, which is a kid’s movie about the Loch Ness monster and a boy, that will open on Christmas. I had never been to a movie premiere before and was excited when a picture of some friends and me was taken on the red carpet the theater had set up.

Admission, popcorn, and soda were free, and some of the cast and crew were at the screening including the director, producer, main character (Alex Etel who’s taller than he looks in the movie), and a few supporting cast members. Despite the fact that the movie was another typical kids flick (even though Maxim said it was as good as ET…c’mon it’s Maxim) the night was a fun one, and the experience was great.

Monday night was a great way to end a semester where I gained loads of experience at my internship and through writing a research paper and was able to witness much more than one could see anywhere else in America.