A Capitol Tour

The professor of our History of the Senate class was nice enough to take us on a tour of the US Capitol building two days after we had taken her final. Below are the pictures I took while there. Not shown are Senator Durbin whom I passed in a hallway and Senator Murray of Washington who was speaking in the Senate chamber about the farm bill. She started her speech with, “When people think of Washington they think of Seattle or Microsoft or Boeing.” I couldn’t help but chuckle because when I think of Washington I think of Seattle and Microsoft and Boeing and Starbucks. What I don’t think about are the state’s asparagus farmers…but now I will, thanks to Senator Murray. Anyways, here are the pictures.

The old office of the Supreme Court. John Marshall joked about why lady justice wasn’t wearing a blindfold that it was so dark she didn’t need one.

The old Senate chamber, where Webster, Clay, and Calhoun argued about slavery.


The Rotunda

My favorite Senator, William La Follette

The Supreme Court from the Capitol building.