The Best Sporting Event I Went to…

…wasn’t the Giants-Redskins at FedEx Field this past September, nor the Giants-Chargers iceball game back in the 90’s when my sister got pelted with an iceball, nor the two Nets playoff games against the Pacers, not even my high school’s state championship hockey victory over Christian Brothers Academy at what was then Continental Airlines Arena (though that comes close), but the Cornell-Boston U. rivalry hockey game at Madison Square Garden. Even though Cornell lost 6-3, the experience, the atmosphere was amazing, which makes me wonder what it must be like to attend the Rose Bowl. 18,000+ fans packed into MSG to watch one of the greatest rivalries in college hockey. 10-12,000 of those fans must’ve shown their allegiance to Cornell because it appeared that there were only a couple thousand of BU fans seeing that they scored six goals but were relatively silent the whole game. Their band was bigger than their student section. Admittedly, one should expect that a New York school would have a strong showing at a game played in NYC.

It was very disappointing Cornell lost, but the three times Cornell scored I’ve only felt more excited when the Yankees won the 2000 World Series (My mom made me go to sleep before they could win the 96 World Series, 98 and 99 seemed too easy and I don’t remember the Giants’ Super Bowl victory in 1990). It wasn’t just the act of scoring that created the excitement, but the joy of the fans, the simultaneous jumping of 3/4 of the arena, and the synchronized chants coming from that 3/4 of the arena, an arena which happens to be the most famous in the world. For all of that, the Saturday night after Thanksgiving I spent at MSG with two of my friends and countless more Cornell students will be an experience I will never forget, however cliche that sounds.

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