Edward Hopper’s World

It was fortunate timing that a travelling exhibit of most of Edward Hopper’s oil and watercolor paintings and sketches were on display at the National Gallery of Art during the time of my stay here in DC. I really do enjoy Hopper’s style and the basis for his paintings, but must confess I did not know that much about him besides his famed Nighthawks painting.

While walking through the exhibit, I came to realize that I have never felt so emotionally attached to any painting as I did with Hopper’s, not the one’s Eric Denker described on our tours at the Gallery with him, not Monet, Manet, Degas, Reubens, Constible, Turner, etc. But Hopper was a different story. Hopper’s bold, lonely but inhabited paintings appeal to the eye, but at the same time have this impressionistic feel. I think what does it though is his portrayal of the American city in a lonely, isolating, self-meditative style. It truly was a great experience to walk through rooms emanating the works of Hopper, though I have to say, if it wasn’t for the five tours Eric Denker gave us, I wouldn’t have had an understanding for my appreciation of Hopper.