A Business Trip to Capitol Hill

Today, as part of my internship, I ventured up to the US Capitol Building with my boss to attend a briefing on human capital practices in the Intelligence Community, which includes the FBI, CIA, Dept. of Justice, etc. The briefing was led by Ron Sanders, a person many consider to be the premiere human capital manager in Washington. He is quite the presenter too, keeping his audience entertained and connected.

We then took the underground subway underneath the Capitol Building to the House offices. Along the way there are flags of each state and a plaque next to them, and like the Kennedy Center, the Capitol Subway conveniently located the New Jersey flag second in the line. This is once again a testament to the prominence of the State of New Jersey.

In the Longfellow House Office Building, we met with a staffer for the Chairman of the Health Subcommittee in the Committee of Veterans Affairs in which we talked about improving the hiring practices of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Both the briefing and meeting were interesting to attend, but it was more of the experience being able to walk through the Capitol Building as well as take the congressional subway underneath and walk through the halls of the House of Representative offices into a committee hearing room, as well as order what were formerly named Freedom Fries in a House cafeteria, but now go by the name of fresh cut fries.

I have been able to experience many things in DC that I know I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to otherwise see if I didn’t spend a semester studying away from Ithaca.