What is the Building next to the Watergate Hotel?

Answer: The Kennedy Center.

On Thursday night about 20 Cornell in Washington students took a trip to the Kennedy Center to listen to the National Symphony perform Beethoven’s Overtures to Egmont and Coriolan as well as his Concerto in D Major and Symphony No. 5, which I, as well as many other people, know only the first part.

The experience was great and it was interesting just to walk into the Kennedy Center. We entered by going through the Hall of States, which has all 50 states’ flags hanging from the rafters. It was a pleasure to see New Jersey’s the second one on the left. The main reception hall was beautiful with red carpet from wall to wall and these massive glass or crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. In the performance hall, there are four levels and we were sitting in the third off to the left. It was great listening to live orchestral music and seeing the bows of each violinist make the same motion at the same time. It looked like clockwork.

The experience made for one great evening. I will never forget what it was like to spend my night at the Kennedy Center.