Republican PBS Debate

I was going to explain the trouncing Cornell put on Georgetown at Georgetown’s own homecoming football game and all the plays that resulted in a 45-7 Cornell win this past Saturday, but saw that I had talked about the Giants’ spectacular performance against Washington (don’t get that confused with the even more stellar performance last night against the Eagles) in my last post and therefore decided to refrain from meandering into football once again. Rather, something more important needs to be mentioned.

This past Saturday PBS viewers would have witnessed a rather empty auditorium at Morgan State University thanks to “scheduling conflicts” that prevented the four top Republican candidates from attending a nationally televised debate. I’m sure Morgan State University being a historically black college and the audience being mostly black-American and the debate coming during the Jenna 6 protests had nothing to do whatsoever with the absence of Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Fred Thompson. Could there be a bigger slap in the face than having the four front runners for a presidential primary say I have something more important to attend to.