Meeting some Big Wigs

This week has been pretty eventful and that’s not including the schools of thought paper I have to write by Monday and the Giants-Redskins game I’m going to on Sunday. On Wednesday night, the Partnership for Public Service (the place where I intern) put on a black-tie gala that awards the nation’s top public servants. Those who were invited to attend received a free dinner, which retails at $100 per plate. Unfortunately, I was working with the legislative affairs staff the whole night so I only got to eat the really delicious apple pie a la mode served for dessert. Nonetheless, I met some high standing people like Representative Chris Van Hollen from Maryland’s 8th district, Senator Salazar from Colorado, Lester Holt (anchor of NBC Nightly News Weekend Edition), who said the Redskins would be 3-0 after this weekend because they were playing the Giants (he is officially dead to me), and Senator Daniel Akaka of Hawaii who is like a really nice grandfather. I introduced myself to him and said aloha and he loved it, patting me on the arm asking what I did with the Partnership and saying he wishes companies had fellows/interns back when he was growing up. He said he had to leave early because he wanted to go to bed by 9. How funny is that? Lastly, I met Eric Szmanda and Carol Mendholson from CSI (my favorite show). Eric is CSI Greg Sanders in the show. His character was recently promoted from lab tech to CSI. Carol is the executive producer and one of the writers for all the CSI franchises and is a Cornell grad, which of course required me to mention to her I am going to Cornell. From there we had a nice five minute conversation about her experiences at Cornell like how she lived on North Campus went to the College of Arts and Sciences and lived in Collegetown for a year and had a bath tub on her front lawn. The evening was great, enjoyable, quite an experience, and rewarding in that I also got to hear the stories of all the award winners and the great achievements they accomplished. For example, the two doctors who discovered preventive medicine for HPV were there to accept their awards.

And it didn’t end there, as the next day the Partnership brought me on a tour of the East Wing of the White House. I was able to see the State Dining Room (which isn’t that big), the red, green, and blue rooms, and the library. In general, the White House is beautiful, but not as big as people expect it to be. To finish off the tour and the great experiences I was able to be a part of over the past day-and-a-half, I walked down the front steps of the White House (the ones you see from Pennsylvania Avenue), down the driveway to the East Gate where I exited the best public housing facility in the nation and proceeded to go to the Metro so as to get to class on time.