A Baseball Game at RFK

Friday night in Washington, DC – What did I do? Being the sports fan that I am, I decided to complete the 4th installment of the 32 part series, “Better Know a Ballpark” in which I visit all 32 baseball stadiums sometime during my life just like Stephen Colbert interviews all 400+ Congressmen/women in the United States (Why can’t he come in the spring????!!!!). Anyway, off to the ovular RFK, whose wooden seats in the upper tier of the upper deck surprisingly cost $14, to watch the last place Nationals compete against the last place Giants sans Barry Bonds. 10 or so other CIW friends tagged along and enjoyed an interesting game (a 3-2 win for the Giants) considering two last place teams were playing each other. Considering two last place teams were playing each other there was plenty of quality bonding time amongst those of us who went including taking photos with the Nationals mascot, watching famous presidents race around the ballpark (think Milwaukee sausages, just presidents instead), and trying to guess which face down card was the black Ace of Diamonds (???????? I didn’t get it either, since when was the Ace of Diamonds black…maybe that’s why the Nats are in last). All in all, it was a good night capped off with the realization that the deadline for my first assignment in regards to my semester long paper is due in 5 days.

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