Back form GA

I arrived back in Ithaca on Tuesday afternoon. Fortunately enough, I didn’t fall too far behind in class work since there was a lot of downtime during the tournament. Being in the south for a week was an experience I had never been a part of before. Every word had 3 more syllables than it should. People were so polite; I felt rude even when I said please and thank you. I saw one guy walk out of his house and up his driveway wearing a camouflage hunting suit to pick up the newspaper and look at his giant Confederate flag smack in the middle of his front yard. I went into a Wendy’s and spoke too fast. The cashier missed two parts of my four part order from the $.99 menu. When she read it back so as to make sure she hadn’t missed anything I couldn’t understand what she was saying and I just said yes. When the total popped up as a little over two dollars I knew something was wrong and pointed out the other items I wanted. She must’ve been thinking, “Damn Yankee.” I went to a Catholic mass and for the first time heard a sermon defending the Catholic doctrine and beliefs. I guess Catholics aren’t too welcomed in the south. Nonetheless, the week in Georgia was quite an interesting and enjoyable time. I didn’t make it to the quarterfinals, but did learn what the judges are looking for so that next year I expect to break to the out rounds (quarterfinals, semifinals, etc.).

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  1. I hear a lot of different things about the south. This one time I was in New Orleans and this guy randomly comes up to me and my family and starts saying stuff like, “do you know why we were in the Vietnam war? It’s because you Vietnamese people. Do you know why we were in WWII? It’s cuz of you Japanese people!” Of course, I just shrugged him off and left him screaming by himself in the street. But I always wanted to experience that southern, close family thing. From what you’re saying, I have two reasons why I would be considered to be odd in the south: I’m Catholic and I’m Korean. hm… I’m kinda rambling but I hope you see what I’m trying to say.

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