Richard Nixon Makes a Fine Role Model?

A student, who happens to be on the staff of the Cornell American, posted a letter to the editor in The Cornell Daily Sun responding to a comment on how Richard Nixon was a wrong role model. This person was upset Nixon was mentioned as being a poor role model to follow; rather he insists Nixon was a good man. Before I go on, one must understand that the Cornell American is Cornell’s conservative newspaper (one of the 700+ student clubs and activities you can join). Well that’s somewhat of an understatement. They’re more like the far right wing of Fox News Channel. You know the Sean Hannity’s and Neil Cavuto’s who don’t believe in welfare, or the people on Fox and Friends who think the movie Happy Feet was promoting the gay lifestyle because the penguin could dance (not a joke).

Back to this person’s response – Nixon: good president, yes and that can be argued, but I think he was. Good man? Um…NO! The response downplays Watergate stating that it has not been proven Nixon had any knowledge of Watergate. I guess all those recordings of Nixon that were spliced and one huge part that was completely erased really aren’t solid pieces of evidence (sarcasm). Well then we shall forget Watergate because there are plenty of other examples to choose from like bugging Henry Kissinger’s White House phone and shadowing his daily appointments in and out of the White House. The response mentions how Nixon was integral in exposing the Democrat’s misleadings about the Vietnam War but fails to point out that Nixon ordered Ralph Nader, an anti-war protestor and consumer advocate at the time, followed because he was a threat to Nixon’s presidency. There are several other examples that, unless I had an hour segment on the History Channel, I will not delve into. Nonetheless, while Nixon’s paranoia does not rival that of Stalin’s who cut six inches off the bottom of his wall curtains so he could see if anyone was walking near his private rooms, it sure isn’t an aspect to be ignored.

Nixon is a president who had great policies and was a pretty liberal Republican. His character, however, is not something to be followed. Now for those of you who are looking at Cornell, the Cornell American is an ideal student organization to join if you have the views of people like Ann Coulter, who, ironically, graduated from Cornell.

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  1. wow apparently someone feels strongly about Nixon. So which organization would be the opposite of the Cornell American?

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