The First Snow Day Since 1993 (I think)

Well, technically it’s a half-day since the University didn’t say they would officially close until 12:30. A wag of the finger to the professors who decided to leave a note on the classroom door saying class was cancelled after making us trek up numerous hills in feet of snow (1′ 1″ to be exact) and more snow blowing in our face when they could’ve just e-mailed us. I will say this though, at least Cornell has pride in their students unlike a university in Villanova, PA which cancelled class with only two inches of snow and a university in Georgetown, MD which cancelled classes even though they’re in Maryland where the storm had passed by midday and it was apparently raining for the most part according to friends that go there and

Anyway, while I was walking back from class I saw some people sledding down the slope and a snowplow that had gone by earlier made this ramp of snow which was used by these students. They went off the ramp and literally flew in the air for 10 or so feet. Then you could see a good number of people that were walking back from class and watching just start running down the hill so they could change and get their sleds/trays/boxes to do the same. One guy walking behind me called his friend and said, “Come to the slope, bring some clothes, we’re going sledding.” It really did look awesome or as my roommate says, since he’s from Cali, “Narly.” (I think that’s how you spell it.)

As for Boston and the speech team, it was my first tournament ever and I felt extremely nervous and had some doubts on the first day. But on the second day of the competition I was a little more composed and actually placed sixth in a category called impromptu and almost placed in persuasion (I came up two points short of making it to the finals). With my sixth place finish I qualified for nationals down in Georgia. I think I’m the next LeBron James of speech (that sounded really nerdy). In all seriousness, anyone can do it one time with some skill and a lot of luck. It’s doing twice and three times and even more that prove that a person is good. So right now I’m just lucky.