RE: Lynah Faithful turns in disappointing performance

On Tues. Jan 30 there was a letter to the editor in the Cornell Daily Sun from an alum explaining his disappointment in Cornell fans at the Colgate-Cornell hockey game this past Saturday. (We were ranked in the past by Sports Illustrated as the toughest place to play for visiting teams.) I cannot disagree as I went to a hockey game right after break thanks to a friend giving me his ticket. The difference from the beginning of the season is shocking. Not only is it the loudness but also the intensity. Both are missing. My reasoning is not that fan spirit has decreased since the time when this alum went to Cornell, but because many of the people who contribute to continuing the reputation of the Lynah Faithful being the best fans in college hockey aren’t there. Why? Because they’ve been kicked out and suspended for the entire season. No doubt there have been over 100 people dismissed and suspended from Cornell hockey this season and it wouldn’t be going out on a limb to say that these people are the ones who wear and yell Cornell pride at the hockey games since they are the loudest and easily targeted. Hockey passion can be correlated to Cornell hockey knowledge, which is why there was no curtain call for Coach Schaeffer after his 201st win to become the all-time winningest coach in Cornell hockey history. The problem is not that Cornell students have lost pride or ingenuity but that we are depleted. Many that consider themselves part of the core, those that lead the cheers, (I am not one) are gone. Those that yell, and know the chants… and curse as that is part of some chants (I am one) are gone. And now fear of getting the boot runs rampant through the Cornellians who are still lucky enough to fill up the student section at each hockey game. We are trying to do what we do best. It is the athletic administration that doesn’t let us do what we do best.

The State of the Union

I offered this post to a Republican friend of mine; he politely declined the offer of writing his response to the State of the Union Address. I am saying this just to make sure that you know I do try to provide the opinions of both sides of the aisle.

Of all the Bush State of the Union addresses I have heard, this one has been most tolerable. Maybe that’s because he had a new speech writer, maybe because there’s a Democratic majority, maybe (but not likely) Bush has become humbled by his defeat during the mid-terms. The first female Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi might have had an effect. Maybe, just maybe, Bush is trying to become more bipartisan…not likely though. Improved healthcare (he stopped short of universal healthcare) by way of tax cuts…hmmm don’t know about that. Researching and funding alternative sources of energy to improve the American economy…nice way of putting the environment in Republican terms. Adding 20,000+ troops so troop levels would rise to original Iraq invasion and post-”Mission Accomplished” sign levels and then expecting things to magically change…obviously this President went to Yale and got a 2.0 gpa (and that’s Yale, which means grade inflation). Maybe we will actually elect a President who earned his bachelors in 2008.

What was much more impressive was Jim Webb’s Democratic Party response to the President’s speech. I was amazed after he finished talking. There was much passion, yet much diplomacy. He presented his way firmly yet respectably. Webb mentioned what the Democrats have done during their first 42 days as the majority party and what they plan to do. Anyone who says the Democrats have no plan probably gets their information from the Fox News Channel. What made his response even more fascinating and professional was that he wrote it himself. Hopefully, Webb represents the new wave of Democrats coming to Washington. The ones who won’t back down to the President when he says ridiculous stuff like performing air strikes against Iran.

The Inspirational Cocktail

If you’ve ever watched Law and Order or CSI or most other crime dramas you might have heard of the term “suicide cocktail” which is just a series of medication, tools, etc. that are combined to cause a suicide. Well the inspirational cocktail is the exact opposite. Now I’m not the one to commonly say the words uplifting or inspirational because to me those words are used in “corny” and cliche ways. In fact this is my first time that I will categorize something as inspirational.

On the eve of the end of winter break and classes starting, which brings a busy stressful semester to the forefront I will know an inspirational cocktail that I discovered during my relaxing, easy-going, 5 week winter vacation. If you ever need an emotional pick me up or something even bigger here is the recipe, the cocktail.

The cocktail: 1- Read The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo (It’s short 160 pages or so). 2- Watch the Pursuit of Happyness (who doesn’t enjoy watching movies). 3- Read Life of Pi by Yann Martel

I’ve only done it in this order so I don’t know if any other order has the same feeling. Nonetheless, these 3 seemingly unrelated stories and definite creations of people who were unaware of the others’ significance blend so well together it was if they were a trilogy by the same author. Each one supports the others, applies the others to its story, and confirms the others’ argument using a different story. But most of all, it’s easy to apply it to our reality.

Support a Cornellian

I was sitting in the Ivy Room eating my second slice of pizza after having a hamburger. I had the Daily Sun on the table and was reading it. I came across an editorial in the paper about what happens after graduating from Cornell and how it feels (which honestly I have worried about since I was accepted to Cornell in December during my senior year of high school). The article was great, one of the best this year. It gave me a mixture of emotions…bittersweet sums it up. Little did I know, until I was contacted by the author, Julia Levy, that it was nominated by US News and World Report as one of the best college columnists. There are 8 finalists on the website (link is below) most of which have a link to their article on the US News website except for the 2 Harvard nominees, hmmm Harvard they’re good enough to pull a Leonardo DiCaprio by being nominated twice but aren’t good enough to have a link to their articles. What can I say they’re Harvard. Anyway, please go to the website and read the articles, then vote for Julia’s. I’m not just saying this because she went to Cornell, her article is extremely well composed and very personable. Currently she’s in second place behind the guy from USC and honestly, USC just won the Rose Bowl, they don’t need to win anything else.

Here’s the link:

The New Year

I returned from a two day, one night skiing trip to Killington, Vermont with two friends from my high school yesterday. While most of the snow was man made, it was still enjoyable and not that icy.

The completion of today, January 5th, will mark the second day of Democratic control in the House and Senate. Already, they have passed an ethics reform bill and written a formal letter to the President urging him not to commit more troops to Iraq since that goes against most of his military advisors’ recommendations. This prompted Bush to meet with two moderate senators, one Republican, one Democrat (Barack Obama). John McCain is officially a flip-flop, no longer a moderate maverick, picking to move to the far right in hopes of presidential aspirations forgetting about what made him popular among both parties. He is no different than President Bush, George, Allen, Sam Brownback, etc.

There is also still a Republican President. The last day of Republican majority in the House and Senate saw the passage of a bill that would give the President the ability to open any mail sent through the United States Postal Service at his discretion. After the new year the President of course promptly signed the bill in the name of protection against terrorists. Another of our freedoms gone…better watch what you mail.

Lastly, the Giants play Sunday. I have never felt less confident in a Giants team than how I feel about this one. If they win, it will be a miracle and Eagles fans should walk in subordination and humiliation forever. If they lose, well that’s expected.

Let’s see how 2007 plays out.