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Gettin' Mastered Big Red Style

Whew, Jobs!

After months of scanning online job boards, networking with alumni, polishing my portfolio, and rewriting draft after draft of cover letters, I’m excited to accept a job offer with the The City of Pittsburgh as a Transportation Planner! From what… Continue Reading →

15 Things to Love About CRP

It’s finally spring, and I’m realizing how little time I have left at this place before graduation. By far one of the best aspects of life as a graduate student is the camaraderie you form with your fellow classmates in… Continue Reading →

A Better Philadelphia

Sorry for the long break in writing, but I am excited to share some news. As promised in my last post, here is an update from our roadtrip to Philly! Last semester, my classmates from AAPNYC and I had the… Continue Reading →

The Last First Day…Ever?

It feels so good to be back! Although a semester in New York City was different and challenging in its own way, I’m ready to come back for my final lap to learn everything I’ve always wanted to before graduation… Continue Reading →

Reflections on the Semester

It’s been quite the roller coaster here in AAPNYC this month! As the holidays approach, our lives have felt a little bit like this: 12 Days of Christmas for a Student In commemoration, here’s a summation of our output this… Continue Reading →

The Frozen Apple: Hockey 101

As I’ve mentioned before, I hail from a big sports school – I know my football and basketball inside out by now. Coming to Cornell, however, was a whole new lesson in collegiate athletics. From rowing to squash to sailing,… Continue Reading →

Gettin’ Professional

In my field, as with many, networking is key to professional development and career building. While very relevant to doctoral candidates as well, networking is especially pertinent to graduate students in the Professional Master’s programs. With one of the most… Continue Reading →

The Studio Life

Let’s start talking school, yeah? As planning students, we come from all different backgrounds. And when I say different, I really mean different – we’re talking anything from reality tv production to Latin American studies majors. In Ithaca, what’s great… Continue Reading →


With Cornell celebrating its Sesquicentennial this year, there are many events happening around the world in commemoration. Since I’m in NYC this semester – along with more than 50,000 alumni, – I was very fortunate enough to be able to… Continue Reading →

From Big Red to Big Apple

Hello from New York City! It’s been rapid learning here as my classmates and I moved from from first year of planning school in Ithaca to second year in New York City. As someone from the Midwest, I’m totally unfamiliar… Continue Reading →

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