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Week 4: Presentation and Yield Editor Update

This week I started by working on understanding all of the facets of AFNR Standards which was explained to me by Jeff. We plan to make a flowchart for personal use to make selecting standards for each topic easier. The outline on their website is complicated for someone who is unfamiliar so having someone to walk through it with was helpful.


The PowerPoint for the first topic of the curriculum has begun to be made. We are condensing elements from the lesson plans to go along with the teacher’s outline. I expect that in future weeks the progress will move faster as we get the hang of creating the presentations and lesson plans. However, since this is the first topic for the curriculum it is moving a little slower than anticipated for the average topic.


This week I finished all of the yield editor cleaning and batch processing for all of the data we have for soybeans at the moment. I am anticipating more data to be collected from different farms so I can work on that when I get back from my vacation in two weeks. There are a few farms with either too little data or files in the wrong format, etc. I am hopeful that the resolvable issues will be sorted so I can continue chugging along with the data cleaning.

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