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Week 3: Running Batch and PowerPoint Progress


This week I was able to acquire a desktop with access to the computer at Cornell which allows me to run batch from home. This has minimized the transfer of files between me and Jonny to only once the headland removal is complete. The part of running batch that was hardest for me was to ensure that the files were all named correctly and in the correct order in the Batch file as on the computer. As for work on the Mass Balance project, this week I finished reading the materials and will start on the PowerPoints next week, I believe.


I created three templates for the PowerPoint for the Precision Agriculture curriculum. Each concept had variations on color, blocks, and format. After meeting with Quirine, Jeff, and Steve we decided to select a muted blue color scheme and a block template as it is easy to recreate and is not distracting. We decided to use the title page from a different concept (pictured below) because we thought it had a nice dynamic movement. We discussed other elements for ease of viewing such as outlining the text boxes and pictures and using Times New Roman as the font because why change it if it works? This will be implemented next week when we begin to construct the actual PowerPoint for Topic 1.


We had Friday off for Juneteenth. I present to the entire team on the curriculum progress on Thursday next week.

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