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Week One: Introduction and Yield Editor

Monday Morning began with a meeting between the entire team where we discussed the work that is expected to be completed within the next week and what was completed the previous week. This meeting happens every Monday and Thursday. There are also presentations to catch up on different projects on a deeper level from different team members during the meetings. The presentations also facilitate a discussion and allow for feedback on the topic being presented.

As a new addition I was unfamiliar with the previous work from the team, so I caught up on the work that was done on the precision agriculture curriculum thus far and on the whole farm mass balance. I began working my way through all the fact sheets, featured articles and links on the NMSP website.

For the soybean trials, I was introduced to the Yield Editor program and began to learn how to use the features on it. This was trickier than I had anticipated, but I expect with practice I will be able to complete a farm with ease. There were setbacks that came along with not having access to the lab and computers because of WIFI availability and having a MacBook which is not compatible with the Yield Editor program. Thankfully, I was able to get my hands on an old PC laptop that belongs to one of the other members on the team.

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