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Weeks 2 and 3

In the second week, the group continued to tour the different enterprises and obtain a complete picture from production of avocados, tomatoes, and onions to selling it. We went through the packaging, transportation, and marketing. ZZ2 produces 40% of the tomatoes in SA and its impressive production is due to a vertical integration. SA does not have farm subsidies which makes it a hard environment for the production of crops in a world filled with subsidies.
This third week has been the busiest. I have had interviews with six people surrounding the production of tomatoes of ZZ2. The nature of the interviews was to determine the level of adoption of Natuurboerdery practices on the farm and how those changes came to be.
Natuurboerdery Center's compost site
In the end I will prepare a presentation for ZZ2 that includes the history, the channels of communication, and observations I did during the project time.
IMG_0406Sickle bush
There has also being leisure time to enjoy this beautiful country. We visited a baobab said to be over 1000 years old and we moved to a game lodge where we see giraffes, zebras, buffalo, kudu, and other animals. I really recent not having a better camera with all the magnificent birds you can find here. Game lodge giraffes
Time is passing by fast and due to the weather stress of this year our internship had to be cut to four weeks.
Avocado production

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