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Second Week on the Job

My second week in D.C. went great, moving up in the chain and starting to take on some serious challenges and tasks in the office. Seeing some weakness and holes in the office structure for constituent support, I was able to take control after being left as the only intern in the office to really patch up some problems and create better foundations for constituents. I completely overhauled the tour systems and also the response systems we have in place. I am also in the process of creating an organized system that we will be able to transfer between shifts in staff. This ability to transition will give us greater flexibility and ability to transfer responsibilities within the staff.

On another side I was able to participate in some lectures with some great leaders. For example, last week a speech by Ralph Nader, not in my opinion a man with great views, but he does have a fairly strong support base. This week I will also see former Secretary of Defense, Rumsfeld.

Last week we were in recess, so I walked on the floor, which is an interesting experience that really puts our government in perspective. I was also able to get a behind-the-scenes look in the Speaker’s office and walk along the Speaker’s terrace–one of the best views of D.C.

There is no shortage of things to do and see in D.C. I spent my weekend talking with other interns from across the country and visiting the mall.

I am hoping to get over to USDA sometime this week and also take on more responsibilities in agriculture policy with Ag Appropriations coming up.

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