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First Day

First weekend in D.C. went great. Now on to the first day of work. The first day you never know how things will go, but thankfully it was great. I never had time to think if I enjoyed it or not spent my whole day bustling through the Capitol and learning all the little technical things email, phone, tours, congressman position on hot button issues etc. I learned more about the Capitol in one day than I have learned in my life. The progression of my day included arrival to Longworth, my office building, and finding the office. Then I learned about the email system and how to collect and document all the letters the congressman receives. I also had my first tour of the Capitol getting a look at how hard it is to get around without an I.D. since it takes 24 hours to process your information to be given a pass. It was interesting seeing how easy it would be to go into the Capitol and never have to come out it has it all cafeterias, tunnels, it even has its own small subway. After the tour I spent some time working on emails from people in the district, then another constituent, and another tour. So far so good. I am looking forward to seeing how this develops.

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